A few years ago we were faced with the dilemma of housing an aging parent. 


We looked into renovating our existing home and found the costs were astronomical to do a proper job on stairs, bathrooms, doorways etc. In the end, the person had the financial means to move into a seniors residence but we were shocked again at the huge monthly payments. We decided to investigate alternative ways of "aging in place" and discovered the Garden Suite/Coach House legislation passed in Ontario. 

Originally passed in 2011 and reinforced in 2016 the Ontario provincial government mandated that each municipality implement their own version of Garden Suites also known as Granny Flats, Coach Houses, Alternative Dwelling Units, Annexes, Zimmers etc. Now that these units are being permitted, we decided to share this concept with you.

We have designed our homes to be great as:

  • Rental Investment Property (Extra income for 1st time buyers)

  • Accessible home for seniors

  • Larger unit's have 2 bedrooms for disabled residents and their caregiver 

  • Recreational Properties

  • Cabanas or Guest Homes 

  • Bed and Breakfast or AirBnB units


Features of Katana Homes:

  • Meet or exceed the Ontario Building Code

  • Energy Efficient - save money on operating costs

  • PV Ready - Add solar panels now or in the future

  • Accessible: Sliding and pocket doors can be automated

  • Smart Home - Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Designed to comply with local bylaws

  • Prefabricated or manufactured in factory means:

    • Reduced site waste and inconvenience

    • Built indoors with no weather disruptions

    • Better quality control

    • Quicker build schedule

Our philosophy: Simplicity