Do you have a great reputation in the community? We are looking for local associates:

  • To do site preparation

  • Sell our Garden Suites/Coach Homes

  • Customization

  • After sales support

Are you a General Contractor?
Own a Landscaping Business?

When you design or remodel your clients back yard, they may want to consider:

  • Adding our units as a cabana or guest house 

  • Utilizing a Garden Suite as a home office or artist studio

We are looking for companies to partner with us to support your local market. We want someone with the knowledge of "what's hot" locally but more importantly will be able to answer client questions and be there when we or the customer calls. We offer a generous revenue share and want long term relationships. 

Do you know what's happening in the local market? Suggest to your clients:

  • To add an income unit to make a property attractive

  • Increase the property value

  • House a loved-one

Do you sell Real Estate?

We are looking for local Project Managers to take charge:

  • Handle permitting and site preparation issues

  • Make sure that the Katana Home is on time and on budget

  • Maintain quality control for the client

Are you a Project Manager?