Use Augmented Reality (AR) to picture a Katana Home on your property using a smart phone. Load up the whole family of Katana Homes and see which one works for you. The models stay on your phone and you can use them to visualize what look like on different properties.
1) Install Free Kubity App on your Android or IPhone (See link below)
Google Play
App Store
3) Scan the QR code from our
website (Bottom-mid screen)
2) Open the Kubity App
4) Kubity will load up the Katana Home you chose
6) Rotate your phone so that it is in Landscape mode and drag the Augmented Reality (AR) tab up. 
5) Using your finger, gently rotate the image to face you
7) Press the camera icon to take a picture your new Katana Home on your property! (Please note image sizes and home specifications are approximate)
For more info on Kubity App
Press the ? icon