• Garden suites are defined in section 39.1 of the Ontario Planning Act as:

    • One-unit detached residential structures containing bathroom and kitchen facilities

    • Separate from existing residential structures 

    • Designed to be portable

  • Extended the number of years Garden Suites may be authorized under a Temporary use bylaw from 10 to 20 years

  • Municipalities were required to amend their Bylaws

The Affordable Housing Act 2011
Letter from the Minister to all Ontario Municipalities November 2016
  • Many municipalities have still not made the changes to their Bylaws

  • Municipalities are putting barriers to building Garden Suites by:

    • Charging Development Fees

    • Requiring multiple parking spaces 

    • Making unconstitutional rules about who lives in the Garden Suite or in the main house 

    • Making rules about how long a property owner must wait before building a Garden Suite

  • Minister has instructed staff to contact all municipalities who have not made changes to do so with a deadline of March 31st 2017

 Promoting Affordable Housing Act, 2016
  • Province Reduced Red Tape on Secondary Suites by:

    • ​Exempting Garden Suites from Development Fees

    • Reducing the number of required parking spaces to one per Garden Suite

    • Removing restrictions on who lives in a Garden Suite

    • Removing restrictions on the age of the main house for building a Garden Suite

    • Giving the Minister the right to override Official Plans and Zoning Bylaws with no appeal by the municipality